Eight years...

Eight years...
Originally uploaded by .d.boy.
This diorama combines an excellently sculptured base with well-designed ruins to make a thoroughly superb build. Great job!


Hell's Kitchen by Fanboy 30

Hell's Kitchen
Originally uploaded by Fanboy30
Fanboy 30's scene is very funny. Obviously.


New Layout

So, I figured we could use a new look. I find it refreshing, and unless there are any objections, we'll keep it.


Past Present Future

Crisis_crs has brought us this great new MOC. He combines the past present and future versions of a building and its street with such great elements. The different versions of the horse are very cool. Overall one of the most original MOCs I've seen in a long time.


It's a me, Mario!

Filip has given us these really cute Super Mario Bros. sprites. He also has a great collection of Pikman MOCs which are also superb.


An Oldie

A newer member of our group, the Zipper has given us a bunch of MOCs to comment on. Many of you may have seen them on Brickshelf but now you can comment on them on flickr. This is one of my personal favorites with a perfect balance of Technic and System parts.


KryptonHeidt's Riot Mech will peacefully kill you.

Riot Mech
Originally uploaded by KryptonHeidt
KryptonHeidt keeps getting better and better. His latest mech, the Riot Mech, is amazing. I especially like the creative sticker use.

Great job!


Republic Gunship

Republic Gunship
Originally uploaded by MasterChief 1
Much better than original :D


MechaniMech and MediMech

These new hardsuits are great! The color, proportions and articulation make them amazing not to mention the overall aesthetics of their design. Although they don't seem to be designed for non-combat purposes, they are still awesome. Thank you Andromula for giving us these beautiful creations.


Jurassic Park Jeep

'John's newest creation is quite nice. The red section adds nice visual appeal and the overall design is nice. I think it's the perfect size for a fig and it looks like it could handle any dino.