IG-2000 by Fox-Primus

While trawling Brickshelf, I found this remarkably good IG-2000 by Fox-Primus. The dedication needed to make such a good copy of a hugely obscure Star Wars vehicle is rare.



For a fresh touch of bionicle, kawazu1120 brings this bad boy. Such a splendidly unique MOC is worth recognizing.

Future Bike

Moko gives us a taste of the future with this lovely bike. Built with some unique techniques, this is a build for all the bike lovers out there.


The 101st Elite Blast In!

the_101st_elite, originally uploaded by LegoLord..

Legolord gives us a flaming good little scene, depicting a wicked battle with great use of vegetation and fire. Good job!

Ambushed by PonchoPenguin

Ambush, originally uploaded by PonchoPenguin.

I really like this MOC by PonchoPenguin. I don't know if it is the color-coordinated soldiers, or the cave technique, but something about it Ambushes my fancy.

維京戰船 (Viking Longboat )

維京戰船, originally uploaded by ArzLan.

This magnificent vessel by http://flickr.com/photos/32161137@N08/ (Arzlan) makes use of some wonderfully eye-pleasing boat technique, good work!


LL-32, originally uploaded by BrickArt!san.

BrickArt!san brings us this truly wonderful Classic-Space fighter. With those sleek curves and bold colours, I can just picture it zooming trough hyperspace!

Final Blossom

Built by ook22,otherwise known as icecoldmilk, this diorama is a beautiful blend of Black Fantasy and post-apoc themes. Both dramatic and subtle, it incorporates nice elements. The rubble techniques and the robot alone are enough to satisfy all your apocalyptic desires. Destruction never looked so beautiful.


Desert Eagle MKVII (.44 Magnum)

This is Part III of our recent series on older submissions to the group. PyBrick Replicas is a master of firearm replicas: shown by this pistol he made.

A Street in Cuba

A street in Cuba
Originally uploaded by Legonova
As part two of our series on early MOCs added to the group, here is A Street in Cuba by Legonova. I really like the car in this MOC in addition to the upper story, really creative brickwork there.

Heavy Fighter

Heavy Fighter
Originally uploaded by thebigtubadaddy
As part one of our series of early submissions to our group, here is Heavy Fighter by thebigtubadaddy. Enjoy!

The Blog is up!

Hello to all the great members over at the Lego Undiscovered Talent group on flickr, and anyone else who might be visiting. I am Jamie, known as delucks on flickr. After consulting with all the administration of the group, we have decided to launch this blog to highlight the finest accomplishments from builders within our group. Check back soon for more exciting developments to the blog! But in the meantime, I will post a few of my personal favorites from the early history of our group.