Hello everyone, Doctor Sinister has directed my attention toward a lovely new site on the web, focusing on Neo-Classic Spacey Goodness! Here is the official press release:

March 2009 sees the 30th anniversary of the original Classic Space sets from LEGO. Now, three decades on, it’s time for a celebration of spacey goodness at www.neoclassicspace.com.Neo-Classic Space is a reimagining of the LEGO Classic Space range, using modern building techniques and parts. More than just inspired by the Classic Space sets, Neo-Classic Space is an extrapolation of the line into the 21st century and beyond. We aim to follow a carefully thought standard, which we feel is in keeping with the original designs.The culmination of a top-secret project planned over many months, www.neoclassicspace.com will present a new model every day throughout March, many from builders you already know and love, some from new talent you may not have discovered.This is only the beginning. It is time to retake space. We hope you'll come along for the ride!

As he said, Neo-Classic Space is a great area to build in, and I certainly encourage all of you to build some in this awesome theme! I look forward to blogging your MOCs.


The BrickArt!san is in Action!

Hello, regular folks and LEGO fans alike! BrickArt!san is in the house, and am I ever happy about it..! I'll most likely be the guy who does the tech-stuff 'round here, since computers are my second nature, 1st being LEGO of course.

With that being said here is a bit more 'bout me:
  • I love LEGO.
  • I love Computers.
  • I love science magazines (escpesially POPSCI).
  • I am a young teen who resides in a beautiful country called Canada.
  • No, we Canadians do not live in igloos, like some say.
  • I build with LEGO every day.
  • I have built with LEGO for 10 years at the least.
  • I can't wait to do more with this blog, I Love giving a helping hand!

See, there's not too much about me, but for what is interesting about me, just go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29515662@N07/

That's all for now folks, TTYL



Hello everyone,
After consulting with the moderators of our group, we have decided to implement the Lego Undiscovered Talent improvement drive. This program will encourage the growth of the talent of our less experienced builders by providing constructive criticism from the more experienced ones. This is how it works:

1. Go to the flickr site.
2. Post your MOC in the discussion thread.
3. The Admins/mods of the group will vote on the MOC on a scale of 10.
4. The average score for the MOC becomes the MOC score.
5. The builder's average MOC score becomes the builders' score.
6. The administration keeps a record of the highest scoring MOCs and builders.

Constructive criticism will also be provided.