The BrickArt!san is in Action!

Hello, regular folks and LEGO fans alike! BrickArt!san is in the house, and am I ever happy about it..! I'll most likely be the guy who does the tech-stuff 'round here, since computers are my second nature, 1st being LEGO of course.

With that being said here is a bit more 'bout me:
  • I love LEGO.
  • I love Computers.
  • I love science magazines (escpesially POPSCI).
  • I am a young teen who resides in a beautiful country called Canada.
  • No, we Canadians do not live in igloos, like some say.
  • I build with LEGO every day.
  • I have built with LEGO for 10 years at the least.
  • I can't wait to do more with this blog, I Love giving a helping hand!

See, there's not too much about me, but for what is interesting about me, just go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29515662@N07/

That's all for now folks, TTYL


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